White on White is the artistic relationship between Iggy Malmborg (Malmö) and Johannes Schmit (Berlin). The aim of the duo and the series of the same name is to investigate | criticize | affirm the identificatory process between WHITE audiences and WHITE performers on stage.


White on White #6 - Queer Sells / on Tour

at Südpol, Luzern (Switzerland); 5th & 6th of June, 2014

at Baltoscandal, Rakvere (Estonia); 5th of July, 2014

at Bastard-Festival, Trondheim (Norway); 9th of September 2014

White on White has been invited by Kone Foundation to a residency in Turku, Finland, this summer.
Preparing White on White #7 - Fuck me ! (we didn´t make it) - opening spring 2015.